I was looking for a positive caring environment for my son to receive therapy – Optimize blew me away.

We went for OT, PT, and speech for about 4 and a half years. His therapist took the time to get to know him and weaved his interests into his therapy. Every visit they had a plan with activities that targeted his goals but also created solid building blocks for his self-esteem. His therapists communicated his goals to me and always had suggestions on how to continue the work at home. He loved going to therapy. Over our time at Optimize my son grew in so many areas. Yes, he continued to meet goals and yes strangers started to understand him a little better but he also grew to love and trust his three therapists. They became part of our family. Optimize creates a phenomenal atmosphere where the focus is on the whole child. To them my son wasn’t just another patient he was unique and special, and they took the time to get to know him for him…and for that I will forever be grateful.

Ashley Z, Parent
She attends sessions for physical, occupational, and speech therapy and is seen by Beth (PT), Lindsey (SLP), and Shannon (OT). The progression and achievements that my daughter has made have truly been remarkable. And a large credit goes to these AMAZING ladies. Optimize is much more than a therapy center and these ladies are much more than therapists. They provide support, guidance, and suggestions on how to implement what she has learned in her sessions, at home; to ensure that she continues to reach her goals and milestones outside of therapy. By recommending additional resources outside of therapy, they are genuinely client-and-family centered. I feel having that extra support, provides our children the best opportunity to be set up for success, along with their families. The absolute best feeling for me, is attending a session with my daughter and watching her accomplish something — Their level of excitement every time!
– A’Caila R-J, parent

Shannon is not only exceptional at her job, but she is also one of the best human beings we have ever met. We started working with her at a time that was challenging and full of uncertainties, and she always made sure to connect with us as a family and work together as a team giving her advice and really going above and beyond in supporting us and our son. She built a strong connection with our son that was based on respect, kindness, and friendship. She empowered him and supported him in believing in himself and in what he is capable of, and she never failed to celebrate his wins and let him know about it. In one year, the results that we saw and the improvement with our son were undeniable and absolutely worth the time and effort. We will never forget our great experience at Optimize and working with Shannon.
– Rasha T, Parent

My daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and Optimize was recommended by a well-respected, Physical Therapist who works in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). We began first working with Beth Ashcraft (PT). Then, we decided to stay in-house for OT and ST. We now also work with Shannon Schlotman (OT), Lindsey Turner (SLP), and Lee Seider (OT). Everyone has proven to be top clinicians in their respective fields, working together to meticulously and holistically align their clinical work with where we are and where we hope to be. It’s a loving and fun place and we feel supported in every way here. Optimize has been instrumental in helping us redefine what is possible for our daughter.

– Nika F, parent

I wish we had not moved away from the area. They always treated us like family and really love what they do.

– Monique W, parent

Unfortunately, not all children have the ability to maximize their potential without some extra support. There have been several occasions in which a student of mine has been challenged by social situations, physical demands, and/or cognitive expectations. I have had the great privilege of knowing Shannon Schlotman, MS, OTR/L personally as well as professionally. On several occasions I have referred parents of children requiring evaluations and occupational therapy services to Shannon. Her professionalism, profound knowledge, and empathetic demeanor are always a great reassurance to parents facing the hard realities of a child needing special services. In the classroom, the improvements and growth that I have seen in these children is amazing. Through her services, I have seen students grow in confidence and ability. Because of her vast expertise in pediatric development, she has the ability to refer children to other services if necessary. Parents don’t always know where to look for help and Shannon’s evaluations and recommendations have directed them to services specifically meeting the needs of their child. I am confident that when I recommend Ms. Schlotman for evaluation and/or services, the child and family will receive the very best services focusing on maximizing the child’s potential.

– Teresa D, preschool teacher

She and her amazingly patient husband were blessed with a fourth child. This little boy always seemed “different” from her other children and her friend’s children. She was puzzled. She tried everything in her power to figure out what made this child tick, explode, or find joy. He had numerous quirks about him that were affecting her whole family. He cried at every bath, hated getting dressed, brushing teeth and his hair were a struggle everyday. He cried randomly and was generally miserable throughout the day. If he happened to get away from a hand when not at home, he would just run and run until you or someone could catch him. He was mostly potty trained by kindergarten but had at least a few accidents each week. Mealtimes were mini-nightmares, his family nicknamed him “Curious Keller” (from Curious George and Helen Keller) His mother prayed, read books, sought out experts from the schools, asked friends, and endured years of what, why and how to deal with this?
After reading books and eliminating autism, she finally found a name for this: Sensory Processing Disorder. This little boy’s nervous system reacted differently to external stimuli then the rest of his family. She went to her child’s school, surely the staff at the school would know what to do and provide help for this little boy. No such luck, they don’t cover SPD; besides they said, “he’s bright” “just tell him not to do those things and he won’t”. This mom and her husband were desperate. They were seeking out what was best for this child.
Enter Shannon Schlotman, a kind, caring, expert Occupational Therapist into the picture. She helped this family through so much by pinpointing exactly what this little boy needed to regulate his body; she worked with this family to develop and prioritize goals for this little boy. He felt safe with her right from the start and trusted her to guide him through activities. Not too much challenge, and not too little either; she always bolstered his self-confidence. He loved going to the “gym” as this little prince blossomed each week into a more controlled child with less repetitive behaviors. The parents could see changes in him slowly and gradually and celebrated those little goals with family, and Shannon was excited too! Shannon helped this little boy to increase his tolerance for sensory challenges, learn positive ways to avoid overloading his system, and to defuse situations that proved to be too much for him. Shannon gave his family ideas to help him succeed. This mom and her husband would highly recommend Shannon Schlotman as the top choice for an Occupational Therapists. Thanks for reading my true to life story!

– Teri P, parent

It was so critical at that stage in our journey that she felt like she could trust and connect with someone who was going to challenge her, as far as Devri was concerned. Her playful nature had Devri sitting in her lap and smiling in no time. Devri was starting to connect with someone, other than her family! The simple task of engagement was being accomplished!! She was following through!!! She was making huge strides and the limitations that had been put on her had started fading away. It was beautiful!!!! We got to work with Shannon for a year and I have nothing but praise, for both Shannon and Devri. Great TEAM WORK!!

– Danielle L, parent